The Gateway to Athens? More like The Gateway to YUM!

Well hello! It’s been a while since I did a review. Mom got sick, we moved, our bunny had to have his teeth removed, and we got a new kitten.

Since we moved, I have been telling my parents I needed to find a good Greek restaurant. Mission accomplished!

Tonight, we went to The Gateway to Athens. It’s a small family owned and operated place here in Concord.

The first thing we noticed is that it was really busy. We were told it would be about 10 minutes and that if we would like, we could order now and have our food ready sooner. That was nice. We decided to wait. It was about 10 minutes. The second thing we noticed was everyone was very polite and friendly. We felt very welcome. The third thing we noticed were the desserts, but more about that later.

We wanted some pita and tzatziki. We were not disappointed. It was delicious. The say on their menu it’s “Mama’s recipe.” Mama is a genius.


The pita slices were fresh and warm. The tzatziki was amazing.

We ordered our meals and what me and dad ordered came with a house salad. Everything was very fresh. Their house made Greek dressing was delicious.


I got Moussaka. It was delicious. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but the eggplant was cooked right and the flavors were well-balanced and wonderful.


I did not realize Dad had never had Greek food. He ordered Pastichio, which is Greek lasagna basically.


Dad said he likes Greek food and wants to eat it often. The Pastichio was great he said.

Mom ordered a grilled chicken salad. She was not prepared for the size of this thing.


Mom said the chicken was amazing. She let me try a bite. I agree. It was really well seasoned and tender. The salad veggies were very fresh. She said it was probably going to be about 4 meals for her. It was HUGE.

Me and dad are professional eaters and we can eat A LOT. Neither of us could finish our meals. Portions here are pretty large. That turned out to be a good thing because we did have room for dessert.

Dad got their ice cream sandwich with fresh-baked jumbo cookies.


He said it was delicious.

I ordered something I had never seen: A baklava sundae. Brandi, who does the baking, explained they crush up their fresh baklava, top it with ice cream, cinnamon, honey, and whipped cream. Look at this thing!


I don’t even have words for how good it was.


Mom ordered the baklava. She said it was the best she had ever eaten.


Are you hungry yet?

Oh, one other cool thing I should mention is they have a card. You can earn a stamp for each $8 you spend and you can earn multiple stamps in a visit. On the 10th stamp, you get $8 off. Pretty cool.

So, here is how I rated them:

  • Space and accessibility – 3 If you use a wheelchair you are likely to have some challenges here just because of the way the entrance is laid out from outside. If not, you will be ok.
  • Sanitation – 5 Everything was very clean.
  • Friendliness of staff – 5 The staff were all really friendly, very nice and helpful.
  • Service time – 5 Surprisingly fast. Big bonus that they will take your order before you are seated during really busy times.
  • Overall taste – 5 Really good! I mean REALLY good.
  • Bang for your buck – 5

I highly recommend this place. I can’t wait to go back

-the dude


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