Viva Chicken

One of my doctors was telling me she really liked this place called Viva Chicken and suggested I try it out. So I did.

Viva Chicken is a “Peruvian Rotisserie Joint” and they have some very interesting dishes.

I decided to try Yuca. I’m sure if you like Yuca, it is delicious. It just turns out I apparently do not like Yuca. But hey, I tried something new.

This is what I had for my meal: Sopa de Pollo with cilantro infused rice. It was all DELICIOUS!

Viva Chicken 1

This is what Spencer had: The Yummy Yuca

Viva Chicken 2

The side is Solterito that had corn, goat cheese, and other things. It was all really good and VERY fresh.

If you’re looking for chicken but done differently than the usuals (KFC, Bojangle’s, Popeye’s, etc.) I definitely recommend it.

Here’s how I rated them:

  • Space and accessibility – 5 Everything was laid out nicely for me to get around, but if you use a wheelchair you might have some challenges here.
  • Sanitation – 5 Everything was very clean.
  • Friendliness of staff – 5 The staff were all really friendly, very nice and helpful.
  • Service time – 5 Surprisingly fast.
  • Overall taste – 5 Really good!
  • Bang for your buck – 5

I’ve already been back twice since this visit.


4 thoughts on “Viva Chicken

  1. Thanks for the info! I’ve been wanting to try that place! Have you tried The Roasting Company on Montford Drive? It is Costa Rican chicken and other dishes plus vegetables. Would love to hear your opinion!

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