It’s like Subway, but it’s Pizza and it’s not bad!

I like pizza. If you’ve read my blog before you probably figured that out. I had seen a newer pizza place riding around with Spencer one day so I decided to try it.

It’s called Firenza and I went to the one by Northlake Mall. So why did I say it’s like Subway? Well, because the set up is very similar. You walk in and they have all the toppings in an area and you tell them what you want and they assemble it and cook it, very similar to ordering at Subway. Just so you get the concept. Not an endorsement of Subway. Not that I hate Subway, but I think it’s good to end the comparison there.

You don’t just get to choose toppings, though. You get to choose your sauce (they even offer BBQ sauce!) as well as how you want the crust finished. You have a lot of options, including gluten free if that’s your thing. I didn’t try that though so I can’t tell you how it is.

They have things other than pizza, like wings and salads. Here’s their menu.

This was my pizza. I ate it all.


Overall, it was good. Here’s how I rated it:

  • Space and accessibility – 4 The tables are a little close together, but most people would be able to get around fine.
  • Sanitation – 4 Everything was clean.
  • Friendliness of staff – 5 The staff were all really nice and helpful and gave good suggestions on things to try and how things work.
  • Service time – 5 Surprisingly fast.
  • Overall taste – 5 Really good moderately priced fast custom pizza.
  • Bang for your buck – 4 Not bad for custom built made to order pizza.

If you are craving higher end pizza, you might be disappointed. It’s better than Domino’s or Pizza Hut by a mile though and I’ll definitely go back.

If you decide to try it, let me know if you agree with my review.

– the dude


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