Hello, 2017!

Well, so far my blogging plan for 2017 hasn’t exactly worked out. Lots of things are happening right now, including I STARTED COLLEGE! So, I have not been getting my blogging done like I had planned. But…I will write my first review of 2017 tomorrow after I get home from class. Spoiler alert: it’s about pizza.

Oh, and if you have been on Facebook at all in the last week, you probably know already that there was a story about me in the Charlotte Observer. Big thanks to Kathleen and Justine for that. And of course, thank you Mom and Dad, and Spencer too.


And because of that story, an orthopedic doctor from Seattle contacted me about doing some writing for a HUGE project he is doing. You should check it out. I have to see if I can keep up my blog and college first, but this is a really cool project he is doing. I think I would like to do it.

If this last week is any indication of what 2017 is going to be like for me, I am going to have a super fantastic year.

Thanks for reading my blog!

– the dude


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