I must be a turkey because I got stuffed, but I liked it.

Brace yourselves, mom and dad. You’re getting reviewed by the dude.

Mom didn’t have a working oven and stove for a couple of years and her kitchen was a hot mess because the people who put in the kitchen did a really bad job. Well, little by little, mom and dad got all of it fixed over the last two years and they did it up big yesterday.

First up, dad’s potatoes. Smashed redskin potatoes with a little garlic, butter, salt, milk, and cheese.


That’s it. They are the best potatoes you could ever hope to eat. I almost think they are better the next day. You should try them.

Mom taught me a new thing: mise en place. That’s French and it means everything in its place. Mom likes to have everything ready before she cooks. She chopped up oregano and basil to let the roast rest on after cooking. It makes a huge difference.


Which brings me to that roast. Mom got a whole beef tenderloin and she and dad herb rubbed it before putting it on the grill.


Mom grills it long enough to get a good sear then lets it finish in the oven at 275 degrees until it’s medium to medium rare. Mom won’t tell anyone exactly what all she puts on it. I can tell you what it tastes like though: Magic!

We also had:

Haricots verts (Mom says that’s French green beans) sauteed with almonds

Mom’s 7 cheese macaroni and cheese baked in the oven (she won’t even tell dad what all the cheeses are)

Dressing with walnuts (Dad never had it before, now he knows why I love it) It’s dressing if it isn’t cooked inside the turkey

Turkey breast

Mom’s wine sauce for the beef

Italian Mascarpone Torta and Key lime pie with chocolate sauce for dessert


Mom and Dad – you rock. Of all the things I am thankful for, you are at the top of the list. I’m ready for some leftovers!


I’ll be finishing up the story about our Chicago trip later in the week.

– the dude


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