Some chain restaurants are different.

I don’t usually write about chain restaurants because I really don’t like eating at them. I like locally owned, small places and that’s where I usually wind up eating. So that’s what I end up writing about. But tonight, I went to a chain restaurant with mom and dad for their anniversary dinner and it was really, really nice.

I didn’t really do a full review with my rating scale, but I did want to take a minute to say it was a very nice experience I had tonight.

Longhorn Steakhouse in Huntersville, take a bow. The service was wonderful. Our server, Brooke, was a rock star. And the manager, Debbie, took a picture of my mom and dad and gave it to them with a coupon for a free appetizer on a later visit, and wished them a happy anniversary.

The appetizers were out in a short time. The dinner was timed perfectly so we didn’t still have our appetizers and salads half eaten. The food was cooked exactly as we requested. Also, it was really nice that my steak came to the table already cut for me. See, I can’t use a knife because of my CP, so usually mom or dad has to help me out. Then, people stare. Then, I just want to leave. Some places give me a weird look when I ask if they can cut my meat for me. Some places just say “No.” At Longhorn in Huntersville,  it’s always “Absolutely! We’ll be happy to do that for you!”

I’ve been to other locations of this restaurant chain and while the food was good, the service was only “ok” and it didn’t feel like we were all that welcome. The Huntersville location is a different experience. I have been to this location before and they are consistenly not like the others, in a very good way. It feels more like a small, locally owned place where the staff are happy to see you.

We were all really full after our meals, so mom and dad got a dessert to go for later and the server did the sweetest thing.


The kind of service we got tonight is why I generally prefer small, locally owned restaurants over chains. I will definitely be back. Longhorn in Huntersville, thank you for being different.

– the dude


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