Trick or eat.

I couldn’t really think of a good title. Halloween is a big deal in our house. Mom and Dad got married on Halloween and it’s always been a favorite holiday for all of us. Mom even has Halloween china. I am not kidding.

Here are a few tips for enjoying Halloween:

If you are taking small children trick or treating, feed them dinner first. No one wants to walk for miles in a sweaty mask on an empty stomach.

Don’t ring doorbells where porch lights aren’t on.

Don’t ring the doorbell over and over. Ring once and wait. Some people are disabled or older and can’t move very quickly.

Don’t complain about the candy assortment at someone’s house. People tend to buy what they like as well as what isn’t overly expensive. It’s free for you. Don’t complain.

Parents – teach your children to use sidewalks. Some people work really hard on their yards and every year, innocent flowers are trampled to death by little ghosts and pirates. Stop the madness. Also, using the sidewalks is a lot safer because cars are bigger than your children are.

If you get a big load of Halloween candy you don’t like, take it to the homeless shelter. There is always someone who would be grateful to have some candy on Halloween.

For those of you 21 and over, don’t drink and drive. You might run your broom into a tree. Seriously though, Uber, Lyft, Taxi cabs, friends and family are a phone call away if you need a ride.

Have fun, everyone!

– the Undude



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