Association of Food Journalists acceptance and a side eye to CPCC

My mom has been telling me for a long time to find something I love doing and do it the best I can. I love video games and was looking into taking video game design in college. Those classes look really hard, though. There is a lot of programming and math and I’m not sure I’d like that. Mom and Dad both said if I still want to go for that, they will support me, but they both said I should keep in mind that making video games may not be nearly as much fun as playing them. I think I will stick to playing them for now.

Mom and Dad both noticed that I really enjoy going out to eat and writing about it, so Mom decided to find out of there was a professional association I could join to help me learn more about blogging about my food adventures and meet people who share my interests. Mom likes to research things. It turns out, there is one called Association of Food Journalists, or AFJ. Mom told me about it a little bit and let me read their information. We talked about it for a while and I decided I’d like to see if they would accept me so mom helped me fill out the application and…they accepted me! It’s pretty cool that they have the same initials I do.

They also have a page about ethics, and I am going to be making sure I follow them. There are some webinars (Mom explained to me that is like an online class) about different things, like taking better pictures of food and scholarship opportunities, too.

I am going to be looking at some writing classes and maybe some cooking classes too. The cooking classes keep getting canceled and they don’t seem that handicap accessible anyway from what we can tell. What’s up with that, CPCC? I can’t be the only person like me who would like to take these classes. And the ones I am really interested in are really expensive, too.

Other than my disappointment with lack of cooking classes, I am really looking forward to the things I will learn from my AFJ membership. I am so excited!

– Note: the dude’s mom here. the dude was adamant that since he has to follow ethics for his good standing in AFJ that I add this disclaimer here that he is a terrible typist so he dictated this to me for publishing. Hopefully we can find him a speech to text program that is more accurate than the last one we tried.


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