Lancaster’s BBQ – I’m not trying to start a fight, but it’s the best BBQ around

Mom and dad dragged me around on errands Saturday and they let me pick where to eat. I chose Lancaster’s BBQ.


Lancaster’s serves BBQ Eastern style. If you don’t know what that means, you have been severely deprived. Eastern style means whole-hog barbecue. I’ve heard people say they use “every part of the hog except the squeal”.  Eastern-style sauce is vinegar- and pepper-based, with no tomato whatsoever. But Lancaster’s has a bucket on every table with the vinegar sauce and the other kind, too. But we won’t talk about that other kind. Oh, mom said not to forget we were at the Beatties Ford Road location, not the one in Mooresville, NC. We’ve never been to that one. This one we go to is in the historic Puckett’s Gas Station & General Store. They have old pictures of that and the general area on the walls. I like history.

But about the food…

It’s delicious. I could just leave it at that, but I won’t. You can tell that a lot of thought is put into the food from prep, to ingredients, and service. The menu is of course mostly BBQ, but they have other things, too. But why would you want other things when you can have this BBQ?

On this visit, the daily special was pork and wings with 2 sides for $9. Me and dad got that, I got hot garlic wings with corn on the cob and Lancaster’s in house made chips, and he got Teriyaki wings with mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy. Mom got pork and salt and pepper shrimp with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy. That isn’t even on the menu, but if you ask them for it, it’s only $3 to add shrimp and you get your choice of regular, beer battered, Cajun, or salt and pepper. And the sides are done in house and amazing. Mom said they do the green beans the right way, which means Southern. They always bring a basket of hush puppies before your food comes out. I love those things.

Things you need to know: They love telling you all about the food and are happy to describe it, make recommendations, and explain anything you want to know. They also are very good about telling you how things are prepared in case you have allergies like I do. But the big thing you need to know about other than the amazing BBQ…the cake. They have a local lady who bakes these cakes…I have had Sundrop cake made with Sundrop, Oreo cake that the frosting tastes EXACTLY like the filling in an Oreo, and just about any other cake flavor you can imagine. But they don’t have all of the flavors all the time, they have whatever she makes so it’s a surprise. My mom calls sometimes to find out what cake they have. She is stalking the Oreo cake.

These were our meals.

Lancasters 7302016

This is not bad at all for three people considering what all we got including some of that delicious cake.

LancastersBBQ check 7302016

So, here’s how I rated them today:

  • Space and accessibility – 5 it’s a pretty well laid out restaurant. They only have tables so it is very accessible if you are in a wheelchair.
  • Sanitation – 5 everything is very clean
  • Friendliness of staff – 5 our server Kelley today was really nice, but everyone at Lancaster’s is so that was no surprise
  • Service time – 5 they time things really well here
  • Overall taste – 5 I really probably should have more than a 5
  • Bang for your buck – 5 you really can’t beat the price for the portion sizes and quality of the food

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