Blueberry slow cooked pork chops. Yes, really.

Sometimes, I am going to tell you about things my mom makes in her kitchen. I have ideas and she figures out how to do them. She calls it kitchen science. This is one of those times.

Blueberry slow cooked pork chops. Sounds all sorts of wrong, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. I got this idea when we were at The Painted Fish Cafe in Banner Elk, NC. They had blueberry barbecued ribs and they were amazing. Everything there is, but I’ll tell you all about them another day.

I couldn’t stop thinking about those ribs. I drove my mom just a little crazy looking for blueberry barbecue sauce. Mom found some and ordered it for me as a Christmas gift. It was supposed to be a surprise. When mom opened the box on Christmas eve so she could wrap it and put it under the tree, my blueberry sauce wasn’t in it. The box shipped with the other item she ordered, raspberry maple syrup, but not my blueberry barbecue sauce. I almost feel sorry for that company because my mom let them have it. Twice. She’s generally pretty laid back but she can get all kinds of scary if someone does something to me that she doesn’t like. Anyway…

Mom did all kinds of research and found something she thought might work. It’s called Not Ketchup. This stuff, to be exact…Blueberry Not Ketchup

Not Ketchup, All Natural Gluten Free BBQ Sauce, Blueberry White Pepper Fruit Ketchup, Dipping, Grilling and Marinating Sauce, 14.4 oz Bottle

It worked. Really well, actually.

Mom said I can tell the big secret of how she made the best pork chops I ever ate, so here goes:

  • Coat pork chops in the sauce (best results for slow cooker are at least 1 inch thick, boneless)
  • Cover in wheat flour or Shake n’ Bake for pork (not kidding)
  • Arrange in single layer in slow cooker and cook on low until they fall apart when you touch them with a fork (takes about 5-6 hours for four 2 inch thick chops)

That’s it. Super easy. Super delicious.


2 thoughts on “Blueberry slow cooked pork chops. Yes, really.

  1. Dude – I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to get a message from your mom just now with the link to this post. THANK YOU for sharing my Blueberry White Pepper Not Ketchup sauce with your readers! And hey, let me know the next time you’re making those pork chops…I just might show up for dinner. 🙂


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