Playing catch up!

BW3 Jamaican Jerk wingsHi everyone! Sorry I have been away for a while but some really cool things have been happening. First, after waiting over 5 years due to some red tape, I finally got my official diploma. Even though I graduated, I did not have a diploma. I do now! So, I have been working on getting started on college and that has taken a lot of time. I have been to quite a few great places to eat since I last wrote but just haven’t had the time to write. I’ll try to post them all this week so I am caught up.

I really like wings. I go just about every Thursday to Buffalo Wild Wings so it makes sense for me to review them. I go to the one at Northlake.

Based on my rating system, here goes.

  • Space and accessibility – 4.5
    I do just fine but people in wheelchairs might have a hard timeĀ getting between some of the tables, just a heads up.
  • Sanitation – 5
    Everything is always clean. This makes me happy because I am a little germophobic and nothing ruins a meal like baked on food from whoever ate on the plate last. I have never had an issue here.
  • Friendliness of staff – 4.5
    Never had any issues. All good here.
  • Service time – 4
    Unless you go during peak times, you will get your food ridiculously fast. At peak times, it’ll be a little slower but you can get in and out in under an hour without having to swallow your food whole.
  • Overall taste – 5
    Hot, mild, spicy, exotic, doesn’t matter it’s all good.
  • Bang for your buck – 5
    Note: I go on Thursdays because of the wing special. Still a good value any other day of the week, though.

I highly recommend the potato wedges. Trust me, try them, you will thank me. My favorite thing is Caribbean Jerk wings, which is what’s in the picture. I got my dad the medium wings and he thought they were a little hot. By a little hot I mean he was sweating (sorry to rat you out, dad!) So be warned, their scale may differ from yours for what’s hot or not.

I am still working on the wing challenge. (Eat 6 of the blazing wings without taking a drink) I have made it to 3.

More reviews coming soon!

– the dude


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