My Rating System

I’ve been pretty slack about posting since I started this and my mom reminded me today that blogging is not something you just do every once in a while. I don’t really know much about blogging because I have never done it. So, I am learning.

I thought I should have a rating system, and I have been thinking about it for a while so here is what I came up with. I will rate every place I write about on 1 to 5 scale with 1 being Don’t go there, 2 being I guess if nothing else is open it will do but I won’t be back, 3 being It was food and it wasn’t terrible, 4 being Pretty good! I’d eat there regularly, and 5 being WHY ARE YOU NOT ALREADY THERE? and I will rate on these categories:

  • Space and accessibility
  • Sanitation
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Service time
  • Overall taste
  • Bang for your buck

I’ll be posting again shortly about some food I had in the last few weeks.

Happy rainy Saturday!

– the dude

Thanks mom!
Mom’s leftover slow roasted pulled pork and Muenster cheese on Kaiser roll with tri-color kettle chips

PS – My mom is a really good cook. She made me this sandwich for lunch today and I gave it a 5. Mom was happy about that.


2 thoughts on “My Rating System

  1. Hi, Dude! I think this is a great start to your blog! That sandwich your mom made looks delicious!! I would love to hear about another place you give a 5 star rating. Have you ever had Peruvian food? If you have never tried it, you definitely should – I wonder if there is a good Peruvian restaurant in Charlotte?

    Anyway, keep up the good work – looking forward to another review :).



    1. Hi Mandy,

      Glad you enjoyed that. My mom said she is glad to hear that sandwich looked good, too. No, I have not had Peruvian food but would really like to try it. Viva Chicken is a restaurant in Charlotte that serves Peruvian cuisine and it is on my list of places to check out so I think I will do that in the next few weeks and let you know all about it.

      I have a few reviews I need to write but have been busy getting registered for college 🙂

      – the dude


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